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Eyes focused on the broom at the other side of the highway, i watched as each stride gathered dust and a couple of dirt on the road.
The traffic gave me more room to watch the scene closely. Slowly raising my gaze up,i saw the bearer of the broom,a middle aged woman in her over-all apparel going about her duty.
The beautiful lemon colour overall had the inscription “Highway Manager” written on it,following it was another inscription that read “Sponsored by Sterling bank”.
Hmm…a responsible banking organization right? I thought aloud as the road cleared up for me to drive pass.
Suddenly, I felt a nudge to count the number of cars driving behind me but then how many would I be able to count while on the move.
As a math guru, I decided to do a virtual calculation of the number of eyes that must have read the inscription on the overall within the past 2 hours on that traffic.
The number got me smiling sheepishly to myself as I grinned from ear to ear.
What a marketing strategy!
Each overall given to highway managers at different locations gave room for the brand to spread it’s visibility and identity.
Awesome right?
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