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A dad’s Favourite Child

Talking about celebration, let’s quickly take you on a journey down memory lane about one of our new customers during last year’s Father’s Day celebration.
Sam {Not real his real name ] had messaged us a few days before Father’s Day through our business account on Instagram after he came across our Father’s Day gifting post on a friend’s phone. So he decided to check our profile and found this particular father’s day box of love which contained a wash bag set, a mug, and a wooden plaque engraved with a heartfelt message for dad. We started processing Sam’s order and before the close of business that Friday afternoon, Dad’s box of love was already on its way to Sam’s.

Not to forget, Sam wanted a gift set that communicates his appreciation to his dad. According to him, his dad trained him and his other sibling, as a single dad after his mom was lost to cancer when he was just a kindergarten pupil. So when he saw his choice gift box, he knew that was what he wanted.
To cut the long story short, Father’s Day came and Sam’s dad got his present. Just like every other dad, he never expected it. As a matter of fact, Sam’s dad is one of those people who think father’s day is just like every other day. But the story changed when Sam presented him with the box.
A few days after the father’s day celebration, our customer support team reached out to Sam for feedback on the gift. Well, Sam was all laughing while giving the feedback. According to him, dad received the box with tears streaming down his face. A tear of joy! It appeared the message engraved on the mug touched a place in dad’s heart that he couldn’t hide his emotion. The highlights of Sam’s feedback were the gifts. The mug became dad’s favourite. He doesn’t take his liquid from any other drinkware safe the mug, the wall plaque found its place by his bedside after he had put Sam’s mom’s photograph in it. So he gets to see the beautiful smile of his late wife. Oh, the bag! He takes the bag with him wherever he goes. Sam figured dad actually needed a new bag since the one he takes to church was torn and worn out.

At the end of Sam’s feedback, it gave us the joy to know that our gift box indeed was what Sam needed to make his dad smile again and have the perfect Father’s Day celebration. Without being told, that single act of love from Sam to his dad literally elevates him to the position of favourite child.

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate our dads for their incomparable love, unending support, and how far they’ve gone in making the best out of us. The love of a dad cannot be overlooked. Dads are superheroes. They are the models you look up to every day, no matter how tall you grow. Dads are the son’s first coach and a daughter’s first love. We can go on and on to capture who a dad is and why they should be celebrated.

Taking a cue from Sam’s case and those of other customers, we have decided to bring in more unique items aimed at making this year’s Father’s Day celebration more interesting.
You too can lift the mood of your father figure this season with one of our boxes of love. Head to our online or walk-in store to begin your journey toward making this father’s day a memorable one.

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